Apartment prices and booking instructions

The prices are on every room's page.

Make the reservation through this webpage, choose the apartment you want to book and the dates. After the reservation you will receive a booking confirmation where the price is € 0.

Coose the price from the list above, number of people and the dates.

Pay your booking to Säästöpankki Optia: FI33 4600 0011 2608 54

Payment recipient: Liikekeskus Olli Oy / Hotelli Sirius

The payment clarification must include the number of people and their names.

After the payment we will send you an email or a text message with the entry code for the hotel and information about the keys.

Reservation also by email: hotelli@hotellisirius.fi / phone +358 500 681 030

Cancellation policy

- The reservation is cancelled at least 21 days before the arrival date - the payment will be returned 100%.

- The reservation is cancelled by the customer 0-20 days before the arrival date - the payment will not be returned.

In case the reservation is cancelled by the accommodation service provider the payment will be returned (Force majeure). Accommodation service provider is not obliged to compensate the customer for indirect or direct costs.

Check-in and check-out time

Check-in starts from 2 pm and check-out is until 12 pm.